Madonna to Launch Truth or Dare Fashion Brand


Madonna reaches new heights in business. The Material Girl fashion brand, which is run by Madonna and her 15-year-old daughter Lourdes, stands firmly on its feet. But the 53-year-old star is also interested in more adult audience.

Madonna launches new fashion brand

The Material Girl brand is designed for young girls, such as Lourdes. But the new brand is aimed at women aged 27 to 50 years. It is called Truth or Dare. The new name will appear on the fashion market next year, and the Truth or Dare brand will be producing shoes, handbags, and lingerie. The sales will start with the launch of a new fragrance.

Madonna’s partners in creating the new brand, Iconix Brand Group, look forward to great success. They are already collaborating with the singer as the partners of Material Girl, and have been able to see the commercial success of Madonna’s projects.

As for the new fragrance, the bottle design is already known. It is a minimalistic, hexagonal shape, with a gold lid and geometric logo. The composition of the perfume is still kept in secret.

It should be noted that Madonna has not given up the work on the Material Girl. Just last week she and Lourdes announced that they were looking for a new face to replace Kelly Osbourne in representing the brand’s collections. The daughter of the famous musician Ozzy Osbourne has significantly increased the sales of the brand and brought the invested money back successfully, but Madonna and Lourdes do not want to stand still and are willing to change and surprise.

Source of the image: Nydailynews.