Acai Berries Keep Victoria Beckham Young


The 40-year-old Victoria Beckham revealed the secret of her fantastic slim body. The fashion designer said that she relies on acai berries to keep fit.


Few 40-year-old women, who have given birth to four children, can boast of such body as that of Victoria Beckham. The spouse of the famous footballer David Beckham has long been suspected of keeping various extreme diets and even being anorexic. They say it is simply impossible to remain so slim for a long time without strict food restrictions.

However, the fashionista wrote in her Twitter about her way to keep fit and remain healthy. It turned out that Victoria Beckham is an old fan of different “superfoods”, which include the acai berry that naturally grows in the Amazonian tropics. Amazon Indians native tribes have used acai as part of their diet for centuries, and it has recently become part of Vicky’s diet as well.


These berries are rich in amino acids, vitamins A, B, C and E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. However, the berries get spoilt very quickly after you pick them, so most manufacturers use them to make juices, nutritional supplements or extracts added to smoothies. Many experts believe that acai berries are ideal for preserving skin youth and slowing down the aging process.

The fibers and essential fatty acids contained in these berries make them perfect for a diet. All this helps to burn body fat more efficiently, to process food faster, and to reduce the number of hungry spasms, as well as boost metabolism. So, Victoria Beckham has shown her good taste again.