Foot Stickers for Walking Barefoot


Shoes are certainly all right, no denying it when the weather is frosty or rainy, but when summer comes and you want to enjoy your walk what can be better than the feeling of being unhampered by footwear? When jogging and doing outdoor workouts you can also find yourself better off barefoot.

Nike Foot Stickers

Of course, scampering about barefoot has its disadvantages, too – that is, until you employ Vibram’s Five Fingers shoes.

Nike Foot Stickers

They are no shoes, as you may have already guessed, but sturdy stickers that provide excellent protection for your soles and grip comfortably your heels and toes – actually anything you choose for them to grip. We are indebted for this lucky idea to designer Frieke Severs and hope those handy – or rather, footy – amenities will soon find their way onto markets.

Nike Foot Stickers

Source of the image: Trendsupdates.


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