Exercising Protects Brain and Enhances Memory


Woman ExercisingBeing more physically active means protecting your brain and improve your memory, according to scientists at Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. In their opinion, physical activity stimulates the formation of special agents in the brain which, in their turn, encourage quicker maturation of stem calls into neurons. During the experiment the scientists used running wheel for a group of mice. The mice from the control group were only eating and sleeping.

In the course of the experiment the maturation process of neurons was being observed. The scientists found that the active lifestyle can make neurons mature 2 times faster. The more neurons we have, the better our memory, concentration, reasoning and other brain functions. So don’t be sitting in front of the computer for a long time – use every minute to exercise, even in the office and hit the gym regularly.


  1. This is another evidence that people need regular physical activity – to sleep well, to be able to work well, to look good etc. Fitness forever!

  2. Excellent post! I love online brain games and brain fitness. I realize physical exercise helps brain function but did not know if helps neurons mature 2X faster. Very cool.. It encourages me to start back up with my own exercise routine. Thanks for the post!

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