Barefoot Running Is Better Than Running in Shoes


Stop wasting your time on shopping for a pair of comfortable running shoes – running barefoot is better for you, according to a Glasgow University study.

Barefoot Runners

Researchers found that barefoot runners tend to land on their toes or mid-feet, while their shoed peers land on their heels. The tests showed barefoot running was safer, halving the risk of knee and ankle injuries.

It was estimated that shoewearing runners stamp their heels on the ground 1,000 times per mile. But shoe-free runners use a different running technique with smoother, sliding strides. This is crucial for running long races, which explains outstanding performance of barefoot runners. Abebe Bikila’s bare feet carried the Ethiopian to his Olympic marathon golden medal 50 years ago.

The researchers say our foot arch became strong with evolution and functions as a great shock-absorber. Until first running shoes appeared back in 70-s, people ran either barefoot or wearing sandals or moccasins. Experts encourage those who would want to convert to barefoot running that they do the transition gradually and smoothly because this kind of running involves different muscles than running in shoes.

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