Why Does Hangover Get Worse with Age?


Many of us have noticed that the feeling of hangover is getting much heavier to bear over the years than in our youth. And now scientists have explained why this is so.


It is well known that at a certain stage of life the human body already requires twice as much time to recover after a hangover. According to the experts from the US, Dr. Kevin Soden and Ricki Friedman, this is due to the fact that with age the levels of energy are significantly reduced in humans.

In addition, over the years, liver produces fewer antioxidants, resulting in severe headaches, vomiting and other symptoms associated with hangover as the toxins get into our body.

There is another reason that the experts agreed to. As we age, our body requires more time for rest and recreation. In fact, alcohol violates the quality and duration of sleep, which is why a person feels tired all day long.

But what should aged people do if they face strong hangover? Dr. Friedman advises eating eggs because they contain the amino acid cysteine, which helps to quickly remove toxins from the system, which significantly reduces the symptoms of hangover. In addition, it is better to drink alcohol long before bedtime; in this case it is better to drink plenty of water just before bedtime.

Dr. Soden also offers to take anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen, to help make the next day after drinking more enjoyable.