Why Avoiding Towel Drying Your Hair?


Using a hair drier to dry your hair spoils it. It seems to be an axiom requiring no proof. But everything is not as simple as it seems! It turns out that drying your hair with a towel is even more dangerous! According to the famous hairdresser and star stylist Monet Everett, this method can affect the quality of the hair and cause serious harm.


Towel drying is bad for your hair! This is the conclusion made by Monet Everett, who has long been responsible for the brilliant hairstyles of many Hollywood stars.

A rough structure of the terry cloth can cause serious harm to our hair. The fact is that after washing you can wrap your hair with a towel too tight, and it is fraught with consequences. Nothing will happen at once, of course, but over time your hair will ask for help.

According to Monet Everett, drying hair with a towel can tangle the tips, as well as harm the hair rod, which can essentially ruin the condition of your hair.

This method of drying is especially harmful for dry and unruly hair. If you have been drying your hair with a towel all your life and even forgotten on which shelf your hair drier is, do not think that your hair is doomed. Monet Everett believes that it is possible to turn back the clock, following a few simple rules.

First, Monet Everett recommends choosing the right hair care. If your hair has an unnatural color, use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. If you have thin and weakened hair, use the products for additional volume. These are just some of the star stylist’s tips.

Secondly, Everett recommends using a turban or a special microfiber towel for drying. These are good means to gently absorb moisture from the hair and make it obedient.

We should not rub the hair with a cloth several times. Simply wrap the hair in a turban or a special towel, and it will dry on its own.