What Is a Perfect Woman's Waist?


British scientists have revealed the perfect size of a woman’s waist. It turns out that the perfect proportions 90-60-90 are harmful to health.

Thin waist against cancer

Nutritionist Hans Vaaler said that the ideal waist for a woman is 80-85 cm – no less and no more. He warns that the accumulation of excess fat around the waist increases the risk of hormonal imbalance with all its consequences for health. The experts point out that the ideal women’s waist should not exceed 50% of the height.

Previously, the scientists discovered that slight overweight (extra 5-7 kg) could even prolong life. However, significantly excessive weight has a negative effect on health – it leads to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, which may result in early death.

The staff of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that those extra pounds made the risk of kidney disease twice higher. Those at risk include people with a figure like an “apple”, when there is no waist, but a round tummy instead.