What Impacts Woman’s Orgasm Most?


Canadian scientists have concluded that female orgasm is greater influenced by thoughts and emotions rather than mechanical stimulation of certain body parts. Therefore, women who experience problems with orgasm need to have erotic thoughts more often.


Scientists from the University of Ottawa questioned numerous women who complained of constant problems with orgasms. Then, for comparison, they conducted another survey involving the women who did not have similar problems. It turned out that, in the first case, women were much less likely to have any erotic fantasies during sex, and often tried to focus just on body sensations.

Such an approach turns out ineffective in bed with a partner. It should be noted that both groups of women had no problems with orgasms when masturbating in solitude. At this point, they all had about the same level of sexual fantasies. According to the study author Pascal De Sutter, the impact of thoughts on women’s sexual satisfaction is much higher than is generally considered.

In addition, scientists have noticed a curious phenomenon of female sexual learning. As is known, the intensity of men’s orgasms depends on the age, and younger ones are more likely to experience sexual satisfaction. It turned out vice versa with women – mature ones were significantly more likely to experience orgasm, as compared to very young girls.

According to the researchers, this is because a woman learns her body better with age and subconsciously establishes a connection between thoughts and orgasm. That helps her get much more pleasure from sexual relations over the years.