Water Deficiency and Depression


WHO predicts that by 2020 depression will have taken the first place in the world among all diseases, ahead of today’s leaders – infectious and cardiovascular diseases. Today it is the most common disease that affects women. U.S. scientists believe that this tendency may be connected with water deficit in the diet of a modern man.

Woman drinking water

The researchers from Tufts University have conducted an experiment during which some participants received water in the desired and in limited amounts. As a result, the representatives of the second group had a depressed mood, fatigue, and the signs of anger and confusion as well. It is not so obvious, but the experts have noted the reduction of their ability to think.

The experts claim that the amount of water necessary for the normal functioning of the body is individual and depends on the weight, physical activity of a person and weather. In any case, an average person needs 8-9 cups of plain water a day.

Source of the image: Photl.