Vacation Deprivation Syndrome


A new disease recently discovered was mention in the news review of Science. The disease is called “vacation deprivation syndrome” and affects those who are not accustomed to going for annual leave.


According to published data, neglect of annual vacation increases the risk of premature death by 20 percent. The expert studies conducted among some thousands of working Americans showed that those who missed a vacation for more than two consecutive years experienced a rapid deterioration of their health: in addition to constant stress from hard work, such people complained of depression, heart attacks, jumps in blood pressure, etc.

Doctors emphasize that people with vacation deprivation syndrome may in the future suffer from oncological diseases, severe injury to the nervous system, and strokes.

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  1. My profession is an acupuncturist, and I always find this type of research interesting when comparing its findings to the beliefs regarding health of the ancient Chinese. For health and well being they believed we should live in accord with the seasons, for example, we should go to bed when it gets dark and get up with the light. Obviously, that is not practical in our modern lifestyles, but it does help to explain why a lot of people suffer from, what is termed SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Sufferers are really tuning into the season and have an innate knowing that we should rest far more in winter than summer. It also helps explain why the frenetic activity that accompanies preparations for Christmas are a major form of stress. We should be quiet and reflective at this time of year, not busily rushing around arranging celebrations. Kind regards, Pam

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