Ugg Boots Unhealthy


Ugg sheepskin boots can be detrimental to your health as this type of footwear doesn’t provide proper feet support, podiatrists claim. Sheepskin boots are believed to originate in Australia back in the 19th century. The boots were later used by athletes and airmen. Today, sheepskin boots are in, but podiatrists warn against uggs craze.

Ugg Boots

Uggs are not intended for everyday wear, particularly by teenagers. Bones of teenagers are still quite plastic and flexible so the skeleton can be deformed if the development of bones goes wrong.

Mike O’Neil, an orthopedic surgery consultant, warns that flat-sole footwear deforms the feet, which affects ankles, thigh bone and entire pelvic arch, eventually leading to back problems.

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  1. Slightly off the subject perhaps, and a slightly strange question, but I am just looking for some extra information on the manufacture of UGG boots. Do you know which type of sheep the boots are manufactured from? And are real UGGs made from the same type as the many imitations?

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