Treating Cancer with Herpes Virus?


British scientists have conducted successful clinical studies using genetically modified Herpes virus, which is used to treat some types of cancer.

This new method was used in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat head and neck cancers; results show complete destruction of tumors in most subjects. Seventeen patients from the Royal Marsden Hospital were injected with this virus; 93 per cent of the patients had no signs of cancer cells after surgical removal of the tumors. Two years later, 82 per cent of them had no recurrence of this disease.

Treating cancer with Herpes virus?

The new method is based on application of Herpes virus for penetration into the cancer cells. Once inside the cell, this virus works in three ways – it multiplies and kills the cancer cells at the same time, it produces a natural to human organism protein, which stimulates immune system, and, finally, it acts as a marker for immune cells.

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