Top 30 Longevity Tips


Using the numerous studies of the scientists from Britain and other countries, we have compiled the most popular and effective tips on how to live a long and happy life. So here they are – the secrets of female longevity. Choose any of them or rather stick to several of them.


  1. Have sex regularly and efficiently. It is a mandatory recommendation, given that most “experts” are men.
  2. Eat more seafood and fewer products advertised on TV.
  3. Get married with intelligent men. Returned love is an ideal situation.
  4. Give birth to your first baby before 30, and the younger one – after 40.
  5. Get higher education.
  6. Help the helpless and inspire the strong ones.
  7. Write poetry. But do not try to be too talented: geniuses usually die young.
  8. Do the things you love for big money. At least in a dream.
  9. By the way, sleep well.
  10. Do not smoke and do not listen to the people who say “my grandfather lived to be one hundred and thirty-two, and he smoked terribly.” They are lying.
  11. Do not lie. It’s stressful.
  12. Flirt with other men, even if you are not going to marry them, love them, and make them divorce, give you presents and quit their position.
  13. Do not drink sweet drinks.
  14. Play a gaming console with your friends.
  15. Laugh more often.
  16. Believe in God, Santa Claus, eternal love, toys that turn alive at night, democracy, the romantic affair between Pattinson and Stewart… At least in something that is hard to prove.
  17. Communicate with children. Do not lisp with them – just “communicate”.
  18. Avoid direct sunlight, abrasive chewing gums, plastic curtains in the bathroom, aluminum pans.
  19. Make friends and not just keep dogs and talk with a neighbor living next to you.
  20. Be a blood donor.
  21. Observe a clear schedule.
  22. Read in the toilet.
  23. Sing. Believe in the fact you can do it.
  24. Drink plenty of water and little alcohol.
  25. Survive at least two major depressions in life. Manage to survive them with brilliance and a new dress.
  26. Wake up without an alarm clock.
  27. Listen to classical music.
  28. Eat tomatoes.
  29. Delight yourself with something pleasant every day.
  30. Be born in 2050: the average life expectancy is said to have risen again by that time.