Tips for Women on How to Give up Smoking


What can make a woman give up her bad habits? Some scholar studies suggest that warnings, such as information about various negative effects of smoking and its connections to lethal diseases, are not effective.

Red lips, smoke

For example, scientists from the North Dakota State University have shown that knowledge about cancer does not make people quit smoking. But, there is something, that is almost 100% guaranteed to make a woman quit her bad habits.

Such conclusion was made by scientists at the Staffordshire University in England. They used computer graphics to model how the faces of the female participants will look like in a few years if they continue smoking. The results were then presented to those women. Two-thirds of those women were immediately determined to quit smoking. Others went home to think over the results. Most likely, the presented images made them change their views on smoking as well.

This technique is likely to achieve similar effect on women’s attitude towards tanning and sun baths. Unfortunately, scientists have proven that most of us believe that tanned skin looks more attractive and sexier. Scientists from the Emory University have shown that tanned faces look twice as attractive as pale ones. During the study, women were asked to rate pictures of women with tanned and pale skin. The results showed that tanned women were widely recognized as more attractive. Thus, tanning remains in high demand among women regardless of its danger and the harm it does to the organism and skin. So, indeed it seems like we, women, truly believe that beauty requires sacrifices.

For now, we can only hope that scientists will come up with a way to prove that tanning can negatively change our appearances. Then, we will have a very convincing argument to stop tanning.

Source of the image: Photl.