Taking Birth Control Pills Prevents Injuries


As a result of a three-year investigation held by Australian scientists from the University of Melbourne, it was discovered that women get most injuries during the early and mid-cycle.


Scientists explain this surprising fact by sharp fluctuations in estrogen levels. At the beginning of the cycle, the level is very low. This causes muscle tone reduction and poor coordination. As a result, a woman can get hurt in the most ordinary everyday circumstances. In the middle of the cycle, the estrogen level reaches its peak rapidly.

Long ago it was proved that during this very period a woman looks the most attractive because estrogen improves skin elasticity. But that is not all. The tendons stretch and become more elastic, and this increases the risk of injury. Scientists claim that taking hormonal contraceptives in any form can reduce this risk by reducing the fluctuations in estrogen levels.

Source of the image: Photl.