Swimming Pools Cause Colds and Other Diseases


You have lost your voice, caught a cough, or perhaps herpes? All these are symptoms of viral and infectious diseases that are quite usual during Fall. The swimming pool provokes these and many other illnesses!

Swimming Pools are the Cause of Colds and Other Diseases

According to a joint report by researchers from the Universities of Yale and Illinois, the water in public swimming pools contains substances that can cause allergic reactions, herpes, acute respiratory diseases and even mutation of genes. Previously, chlorine, which is commonly used to disinfect water, was blamed. It is no coincidence that physicians strongly recommend people to avoid getting water into their ears, eyes and mouth while swimming in a public pool.
Today, apart from dangerous chlorine, other various disinfectants are added into swimming pool water. Given the fact that swimming pools contain different organic compounds such as cosmetics, sweat, skin and hair, as well as remnants of silt, when chemicals dissolve in water, toxic chemical compounds are formed.

As a result, swimmers face an increased risk of respiratory illnesses, allergies and even cancer.

Source of the image: Photl.