Sun Deficit Shortens Life


Suntanning WomanWe have already heard so many bad things about the harm that sun and tanning do to our health, yet we should not hide from the sun completely. Scientists from Albert Einstein Medical College, USA, have found, that sun deficiency shortens our life. So, is sun an enemy or a friend?

Sun and Your Health

The scientists conducted a large-scale review of recent studies and concluded that people with the lowest level of vitamin D in their blood risk dying earlier than others. Their chances of dying early are higher by 26%. The scientists believe that shortage in vitamin D leads to high arterial blood pressure, disturbed sugar metabolism, and brings about inclination to corpulence.

Foods Containing Vitamin D

Some foods also contain vitamin D; those foods include diary products, cereal crops, and fish. Yet, the scientists say that sun baths are kings at synthesizing this vitamin.