Stress Triggers Pimple Outbreaks


Acne is a problem most people are trying to hide from the others. But related worries can only worsen the condition of your skin, according to Norwegian scientists. They found the link between pimples and psychological stress.

Acne Problem

Impacts of Stress

Recent study of 18 and 19 year olds conducted in Norway showed acne prevails among teenagers who suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression, and as their skin condition worsens, they experience even more problems in their lives.

But could it be that every sad thought would provoke the eruption of pimples? Definitely not, according to Mathew Avram, M.D., of the Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The study only found the link, not cause-and-effect relationship.

One thing is certain – the condition of skin can impair because of stress or depression.  It may be also possible that it is the acne that is making teens feel depressed. Anyway, it’s all about our body and its response to stress.

Studies show that frustration can cause our sebaceous glands start producing more oil. Diane Berson, M.D., member of the American Women’s Dermatologic Society, says it results in clogging the pores by the overproduced oil.

Hormones and Pimples

The same effect is produced by hormonal changes. That’s why many girls say their hair get oilier the week before their period.

Causes of Facial Acne

Look closer at makeup products you use. Are you using pore-clogging makeup? Are your periods irregular?  Have you noticed acne and greasier hair just before your period?

If your answer is yes, then hormonal imbalance is to blame for your skin problems, according to Dr. Berson. In that case, a doctor will likely prescribe you contraceptive pills to regulate your periods.

Unhealthy Diet

Females who eat fewer raw vegetables have more pimples than those who regularly have vegetables and greens. Coco Auerswald, M.D., from the University of California, San Francisco, says that eating celery once in a while won’t solve your acne problem. You need to eat vegetables and fruit on a regular basis. But don’t be overly tough on yourself –there is no evidence that a bite of sweets will ruin your complexion.

Fortunately, dermatologists can offer a broad range of treatments to improve the condition of your skin, clean up acne and get rid of enlarged pores and redness. Berson assures that there are medications available to treat particular problems. You just need to see your dermatologist. And remember that acne won’t disappear right away. But with patience on your on side you will definitely win!

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