Strength and Stamina: How Health Products Get You Back on Track


Are you the one cowering in your office cubicle sucking on some candy, whilst everyone else has power-walked in and are eating their protein-packed snacks and superfoods? You may feel too embarrassed to start the journey towards a healthier you, especially when your colleagues are showing off the results of their exercise regime in a new size-four bodycon dress.


Image by LyndaSanchez

It is no fun being the loner who sweats and pants after doing 10 minutes at the gym, when the rest of the crew are bouncing with energy. So if you want to be proud of your fitness and figure, but don’t know where to start, read on.

Healthy Hopes

Never fear you fitness wannabes, there is an easy solution to your healthy lifestyle woes! A recent challenge undertaken by Voucherbox workers has produced some results that show how useful protein supplements can be, especially when you are stuck in the office all day and need a bit of motivation to get you started on the road to a fitter you. The employees were originally nervous about getting back in shape, but receiving individualised products, eating and exercise plans from MyProtein proved a great help.

Whether you want to pump some iron and see fast muscle gain, or just build up stamina to actually go running, protein products are the go-to solution. You don’t even have to give up the sweet stuff as protein supplements come in a variety of forms. Milkshake powder, granola bars and energy drinks offer healthy options in delicious flavors like chocolate, strawberry and banana. Who said a balanced diet has to taste bland? You might as well swing for these options, as protein products reduce hunger, helping you avoid the really bad stuff!

Why Whey?

If you are still unsure about the benefits of protein, perhaps it would be useful to get a few scientific facts to understand why they are good. Companies do not just stick any protein into products, they often use whey. Whey is a by-product from cheese production, from which healthy protein can be extracted. Not only does it release hormones to further your muscle growth, but it has many other hidden talents. Did you know it provides amino acids, which are tiny compounds which break up large amounts of protein into smaller proteins used for specific parts of the body? Or that it can reduce stress levels? This is perfect when you are already panicking about getting fit!

If that is not enough, check out this advantage. Whey protein improves metabolism so you don’t feel like snacking on unhealthy options like chips. This helps you lose weight, whilst still growing your muscles.

Vital Vitamins

pill-vitamin-dOf course, if you get all the protein you need from your diet already, then you want to look at alternative supplements to give that extra boost. Vitamins and minerals could be a total life saver in providing you with elements you did not even realize you were lacking, the most common being vitamin D and zinc.

Vitamin D is vital for healthy bones, so you need plenty of it but it is difficult for the body to absorb. Whilst sunlight is a source, you can’t spend all day in the sun for risk of getting skin cancer! Supplements are therefore a good path to explore. Guess what, healthy bones means easier exercise, so with the right amount of vitamin D in your system you can get back on track.

Do not forget about those marvelous minerals you need too! Let’s take zinc for instance, which plays an important role in making you fitter and healthier. Firstly, it strengthens your immune system. You cannot start getting fit if you are always stuck in bed with a cold. Zinc is also a metabolism booster, helping you to lose weight and get the figure you have dreamed of for years. Zinc is easier to get than vitamin D, being present in meat and seafood. If you are a veggie though, you probably need to get supplementing as zinc found in vegetables is not as well absorbed.

Hopefully, with all these bits and pieces combined, you will no longer be the office outcast and will be able to work with confidence as a new woman who is proud of their look and lifestyle. Heads will turn, and not in a bad way!