Smart People Are Happier


Modern scientists do not agree with Ecclesiastes. He used to say that knowledge increased sorrow, while the researchers from University College London believe that intelligent people are generally happier than unclever ones. The scientists’ point of view is confirmed by the results of the study, which was attended by nearly 7,000 office workers.

Smiling Woman

The people, whose level of intelligence (IQ) was from 120 to 129, were most satisfied with their lives. Out of these people, 43% said they were not just happy, but “very happy.” While the people with the IQ ranging from 70 to 79 had more complaints about failures and sorrows.

The scientists explain this difference in a simple way: our perception of the world greatly depends on the level of income and social status. Those holding advanced positions have both money and status. However, the people with low IQ almost never happen to be leaders and bosses.