Shower Curtains Are Bad for Your Health


Woman in the ShowerDo you know, that shower curtains are hazardous for your health? The thing is that most of the shower curtains are made with polyvinylchloride, which contains a lot of hazardous substances. Those substances include phthalate, organotin compounds, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). The scientists from a non-profit organisation Centre for Health, Environment and Justice have checked the air for hazardous chemicals 28 days after the purchase of a new shower curtain. The results were striking.

The levels of toxic agents highly exceeded the norm, they also registered more than a 100 different volatile organic compounds. Scientists admit, however, that they didn’t modify the temperature and humidity to resemble a typical shower room environment. If they did modify them, they would have registered much higher concentration of hazardous substances. Phthalates affect the male reproductive system, as they lower the quality of the sperm. VOC irritate the respiratory tracts, damage the central nervous system, liver and kidneys.