Short Vacations Result in Heart Attack


It turns out people who tend to take their vacation in portions within a year instead of going on a full vacation put themselves at higher risk of heart attack. A large-scale poll revealed 30% of people jeopardize their health as they divide their vacation time rather than taking a month long rest.

Beach Vacation

According to Prof. Gustafson, a cardiology expert and chief doctor at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, there is a certain link between our stress levels and the number of vacation days taken within a year. Our body requires a minimum of a four-week vacation so it has enough time first to adjust to recovery and then to recover and get revitalized for coming back to work. If recovery process gets cut short, stress hormones stay in our body, triggering the possibility of even more stress down the road. Our heart continues to work more intense under the influence of adrenaline. With proneness to hypertension or atherosclerosis, this may end up in heart attack.

Noteworthy is that recovery after a heart attack takes months of health resort treatment, given skilled emergency medical assistance in the acute phase of the attack was in place and coronary blood flow was completely restored.

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