Shopaholism Symptoms & Treatment


Now, when the сities are illuminated with the lights of shops, bright shop windows and advertising banners, it is difficult to resist the temptation to buy everything and at once. Remember how many times you went out for a walk and came back with some new clothes you hadn’t planned to buy? If you have had such a situation, you risk joining the shopaholics!

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Shopaholism Is a Disease

Not so long ago, shopaholism was considered a cute feature, but now the experts are sounding the alarm: it is a real disease. Shopaholism is a pathological dependence on purchases. The person ceases to control the expenditures and feels euphoric when purchasing new and unnecessary things.

3 Types of Shopaholism

There are several types of shopaholism:

  • Spontaneous shopaholism is the most widespread and, perhaps, harmless type. Coming to a shop, such people may be tempted to buy some special offer products or some items sold at a discount. As a rule, it does not affect their budget seriously.
  • Conscious shopaholism occurs when a person knows he/she is a shopaholic, but does not think it to be shameful. Most often, it is women who feel like this. They come to the store with a clear purpose: to please themselves. For such a shopaholic, walking along the mall and buying her favorite things is a great way to relieve stress. As a rule, such spending spree is infrequent, and the person is aware of the spent sum of money.
  • Purposeful shopaholism is the most dangerous kind. Once in a store, shopaholics buy everything they see. Such people often get instant loans and spend the whole salary in the blink of an eye. One needs a specialist for the treatment of this addiction.

Shopaholism Is Contagious

By the way, shopaholism is contagious! Talking with a shopaholic, you unwillingly adopt his/her habits. Moreover, shopaholism is inherited. For example, a mother who is prone to rash purchases, is most likely to share this feature with her daughter. The point is not in the genes, of course, but in the bad example which the daughter will follow with high probability.

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Are You a Shopaholic? – 11 Symptoms

Of course, very few people will admit this problem in public. But at the back of your mind you can confess of being a shopaholic if you discover the following symptoms. So you are a shopaholic, if you can agree to at least some of the allegations:

  • Each time you buy a little more than you planned.
  • When in a shop, you get uncomfortable without buying anything.
  • Getting a normal salary, you’re constantly in need of money because you spend more than you can afford.
  • Coffee and a chocolate bar as a gift. A good offer, isn’t it? (Never mind that you actually wanted to buy tea… Anything can be useful about the house!)
  • You will never miss a sale at a perfume store, even if dozens of fragrance bottles are gathering dust on your dresser.
  • You hide a part of the purchases from your family members or do not tell them the real price of the purchases.
  • Shopping is the best cure for a bad mood or just boredom.
  • You often buy things which do not correspond to your traditional style. They are kept in your wardrobe for years, with the label still untouched.
  • Don’t you think that you may be addicted to shopping? Perhaps just a little bit! And what’s wrong about it?
  • Family and friends keep telling you that you live beyond your means and buy a lot of unnecessary things.
  • If your friend refuses to go shopping with you, it will not make you change your mind. You will even be delighted: no one will get in the way.

5 Ways to Save Money When Shopping

Shopaholism Treatment

Like any addiction, shopaholism is difficult to get rid of, but it is quite possible. If the case is not too grave, you might cope without any professional help.

  • Sometimes it is enough to pay attention to self-organization and planning. Before going to a store, make a list of the things you are planning to buy and do not let yourself go beyond it under any circumstances. This idea can be applied to products. If the method does not work, give up long lists and buy 4-5 items each time, thus you will reduce the risk of buying too many things.
  • Before going to the mall in order to update your clothes, have an accurate idea of what you are going to buy. You do not need the sixteenth blue blouse, and no, no, no – you do not need these acid-green tights! To be on the safe side, go shopping with a trustworthy person: let him/her help you stop.
  • Give up loans once and for all, especially instant loans. You will get a thing that will please you for a couple of days, but the period of paying for it will be much longer.
    Take a small amount of money to the shop. No cards and credit cards. And do not go to the shop in a bad mood.

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If nothing helps, you keep suffering from debts and credits, and you are still ready to spend all the money for a new handbag, admit the problem and go to see a specialist.