People Quit Smoking Only on the Fifth Try


A recent poll on quitting smoking has been conducted in the UK. According to its results, it is a rare case when people addicted to nicotine are able to quit on the first try.

An average smoker, who decides to get rid of this bad habit, usually makes four unsuccessful attempts and only the fifth try allows him/her to quit.

Notable is the fact that over 20% of the respondents kept smoking after they had lost count of their unsuccessful attempts to quit. The study in the British Cardiac Center found that 82% of smokers unsuccessfully tried to quit smoking. Of the smokers, surveyed in 2010, more than one in ten said they were desperately struggling with smoking and the number of the attempts to quit varied from 4 to 21.

Interesting enough, the British people decide to quit smoking for financial reasons and not because of fear of irreparable injury.

A great idea to quit smoking tobacco is switching to vaping. The advantages are as follows:

  • It’s not the smoke that comes to your lungs, but vapor. Thus, you don’t harm your own health that much anymore.
  • You don’t harm people around you with the stinky unhealthy cigarette smoke. They only smell vanilla or cherry.
  • The vapor has no bad smell (instead, the vapor that comes out of your mouth may smell like caramel or apple).
  • You may choose between numerous various flavors, such as fruits, vanilla, berries, mint etc.
  • Vaping some kinds of eJuice is even believed to be healthy, for example, CBD oil. Such e-liquids have nothing to do with the psychoactive kinds of cannabis. And they can be legally purchased in the States. Some of these e-liquids contain substances beneficial to your health.
  • In the long-run, vaping is cheaper than smoking. At first, you spend more money because you buy all the devices and try different flavored liquids, but then you’ll notice that you pay much less for vaping than you did for cigarettes.

We all know how harmful smoking is. And if you really want to give it up but can’t or find it very difficult, start slowly. And it’s anyway better to vape rather than smoking. You will save some money and your organism will say thank you for not consuming the smoke anymore. And who knows, maybe you’ll quit smoking on the first try?