Pink Cham Is Best for Health


Most diets exclude alcohol and chocolate. However, several studies have shown how useful vchampagne is – it helps the heart and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Champagne is good for health

In particular, the scientists from the University of Reading have found out that champagne lowers cholesterol and prevents strokes. Compared with conventional champagne, the pink champagne contains most antioxidants.

The new diet allows consumption of alcohol and even recommends daily use of 1-2 servings of champagne. One glass of the drink contains only 91 calories. In view of the fact that the bubbles reach the bloodstream faster, a person consumes less alcohol.

The diet requires healthy eating and drinking champagne regularly. Such a strategy does not presuppose constant malnutrition, however, food consumption is still limited to 1200-1400 calories per day, which should come mainly from the nutritious, high-quality, and tasty products.

The psychologist Dearbhla McCullough from the University of Roehampton claims that if you eat well, you feel better and are unlikely to eat products that lead to gaining weight. But the nutritionist Elizabeth Weichselbaum warns that women should not drink more than three units of alcohol a day (equivalent to two small glasses of champagne).