Patients Are Most Dissatisfied with Plastic Surgeons' Work


The representatives of the University of Melbourne have studied the complaints of the patients and found that there are much more claims against plastic surgeons than against other doctors.


The main complaint of the patients is that even before the start of the treatment their doctors told them nothing about the complications or did not explain it clearly enough. Before the patient gives consent, the doctors should explain to him the benefits, risks, and ways of treatment. But the patients say that their doctors do not do it well enough, especially the surgeons.

Out of 480 cases of such complaints, more than a half of them concerned the surgeons. Moreover, plastic surgeons were complained about twice as often as other professionals. The number of complaints about orthopedic and vascular surgeons and dermatologists also proved to be too large.

71% of complaints concerned the complications which had appeared during the treatment and which the patients had not been warned about. The clients indicated that they had undergone pressure, had been urged to make hasty decisions, and the explanations had been too complicated.

One out of nine complaints dealt with the problems connected with the “informed consent”. Over 90% of cases involved surgery, 16% of which were cosmetic.

The researchers evaluated the percentage of complaints about cosmetic procedures as high, but quite plausible. According to them, the patients face more difficulties while accepting the risks, since it is a vivid example of the optional forms of treatment. Complications after cosmetic procedures are often visible, and the patients are often too demanding and expect much of the treatment which is paid entirely out of their pockets.

Source of the image: Photl.