Nitrates Beneficial to Health?


Nitrates are traditionally referred to as harmful substances for a human organism, leading to cancer when transforming into a carcinogen nitrosamine. However, the scientists are now taking the floor more often, saying nitrates possess some benefical for a human being qualities: they presumably bring the blood pressure down, secure healthy nutrition and have a positive impact on blood viscosity. Susanne Donner develops the issue in the Die Welt periodical.

Fresh vegetables

According to Gary Miller of Wake Forest University in the Nitric Oxide magazine, this substance facilitates the provision of brain with oxygen. Thus, in the process of research he has established that vegetables rich on nitrates can serve as an efficient natural medicine to prevent any violations in the system of blood circulation and to battle senile weak-mindedness.

Meanwhile, the plants do not only absorb nitrates from fertilizers – they take nitrogen from soil and accumulate it mostly in their leaves changing it into the nitrates. In case the plant receives much sunlight, the nitrates themselves are transformed into proteins. Therefore, such winter vegetables as red beet, spinach, broccoli and cabbage may contain a lot of nitrates due to the lack of light and various natural processes.

Nowadays it is still unclear whether nitrogenous compounds obtained from fertilizers act like their natural counterparts. If it is so, producers of fertilizers can elevate this postulate to their slogan — under the aegis of health protection, as Miller says.

Source of the image: Photl.