Moisturize Dry Skin from Inside out


In order to achieve the maximum benefit from moisturizers in combatting wrinkles, they must be swallowed rather than rubbed into the skin. This conclusion was reached by the British Plastic Surgery.


Dr. Christopher Inglefield from London Bridge Plastic Surgery clinic believes that millions of women around the world waste their time and money when buying moisturizers for the face.

Face moisturizers form a special film on the skin, which prevents it from losing water and getting dry. If the skin is functioning well, it creates such a barrier without the aid of various kinds of moisturizers. This is the so-called natural moisturizing factor (NMF), produced by the outer corneum layer of the skin. It comprises a plurality of ingredients, including amino acids, hyaluronic acid, or a gel consisting of carbohydrates, which are soluble in water.

These components help to preserve skin elasticity by attracting and retaining water from the atmosphere, preventing it from drying out. Artificial moisturizers sometimes violate NMF activity. Dr. Inglefield believes that if people use these cosmetics for acne, dry skin and as a sunscreen, their benefits outweigh the threat of disrupting the barrier.

According to Dr. Inglefield, if you use moisturizers only to fight wrinkles and see that they are not effective, you should abandon them. Wrinkles can be removed by taking the medicine intended for internal use rather than for applying on the skin. For example, there are special drinks that contain hyaluronic acid and collagen. Last year, German scientists conducted a study which showed that drinking 2.5-5 grams of collagen daily is enough for the significant reduction in the intensity of wrinkles. In some cases, one could get rid of 50% of wrinkles, which is unattainable in case of non-invasive rejuvenation techniques, except skin peel procedures.