Midday Nap Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases


According to the Greek researchers, who carried out a special study, a short midday nap can do wonders.

Hands, heart

They have discovered that if a person finds at least half an hour three times a week for an afternoon nap, it will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 37%.

There is no coincidence in the fact that we feel drowsy in the afternoon: it is a signal from the body that it is time to relax a bit. However, the modern pace of life is built so that very few people have the opportunity to take a nap after lunch, so we get rid of our slumber with the help of coffee or sweets.

Meanwhile, midday nap speeds up metabolism, prevents aging, enhances memory and helps maintain mental alertness. While monitoring night air traffic controllers, the experts from New Zealand proved that those, who allowed themselves a short nap for 40 minutes, performed their duties better than those, who did not close their eyes.

The examples of great men show us the benefits of midday nap: Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Nikola Tesla all had this kind of a habit.

Midday nap is better to have in the gap between 13.00 and 15.00. According to doctors, it should not be longer than 45 minutes; otherwise you can get up with “a heavy head”.