May 31st Is No Tobacco Day


In 1988 the World Health Organization declared May 31 the World No Tobacco Day. The international community has decided to make every effort to eliminate smoking tobacco.

No to Tobacco

Smoking Kills

Unfortunately, in many countries, tobacco addiction became an epidemic. Men, women, teenagers, and the elderly people smoke. It is so sad to see a beautiful young woman and think that she will grow old too soon and may fail to live to the time when she has grandchildren.

The fact that smoking kills was proved long ago, but since it does not kill at once and prolongs the death penalty, many people pay no attention to it and reach out for another cigarette without noticing the fact that they destroy their health and beauty each day.

The Smoking Battle History

In the past, many rulers attempted to preserve the nation’s health by resorting to the most severe measures. Thus, Sultan Ahmed I (1603-1617) passed a decree banning smoking in Turkey. In 1637, the decree was reissued by Murad IV. Unfortunately, tobacco won over the mind in Turkey in the middle of the 17th century.

Christian rulers and church leaders also tried to protect their people from tobacco. For example, in 1624 Pope Urban VIII threatened to excommunicate tobacco lovers from the church. But, alas, tobacco was the winner again, as the first tobacco company, Tabacalera, appeared in the 17th century in this most Catholic of the European countries.

Tobacco was brought to Russia by English merchants and sailors during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, but in 1634 tobacco sale and storage were punished either by “reduction of the nose” or by death.

Nowadays smoking is not punishable by death. However, those who smoke kill not only themselves, but also their families, including their own children, since passive smoking is no less harmful.

How Smoking Affects Woman’s Beauty

A smoking woman loses her beauty quite early, and only by her yellowish or grayish skin you can guess about the pernicious habit. With age, no makeup will be able to hide this flabby skin.

Smoking and Hair Health

Hair becomes dull and brittle, and whatever hairdo you make, it strives to be shaped as a “crow’s nest.” And some people’s hair gets noticeably thinner, and bald spots resembling men’s bald patches can be seen.

How to Give up Smoking?

In short, smoking brings little joy, and many women think about it and realize that they need to get rid of the habit, which undermines their health and steals their beauty. This is not always easy, but it is possible if you want it. First of all, in order to quit smoking, you need to realize that the habit is harmful and make a decision.

Giving up Smoking – Tricks

There are many recommendations on how to quit smoking. Some of them are:

  • Starting from the first day of the month – for example, in June – hang a red card on the wall or put it on the table before your eyes each time you have smoked a cigarette.
  • Do not keep cigarettes in sight. Keep them away.
  • Buy that brand of cigarettes that you do not like.
  • Do not smoke before breakfast, in bed or in the car.
  • If you have smoked fewer cigarettes than usual during the day, then appoint a special prize, such as eating a cake, a chocolate bar; buy the thing you have dreamed of.
  • Wash the ashtray thoroughly after each cigarette smoked.
  • Make a big break after each inhalation.
  • From the next cigarette on, smoke only a half.
  • When you want to smoke, suck candies, eat nuts or an apple, chew a gum.
  • In addition, there are herbs that promote freedom from smoking. This is, for example, peppermint tea, which you can drink during the day.