Lemon in Your Green Tea Cup


Healthy LemonIt doesn’t need to be mentioned again and again, how healthy green tea is, everybody knows it already. But how lemon effects the beverage is something no one has the idea of. Meanwhile adding lemon to green tea also significantly contributes to the increase of the antioxidant effect of green tea. You already know, that these very substances decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases and even cancerous tumors. However, instead of lemon you can use any other citrus fruit. This would make the beverage tastier, more fragrant and five times more beneficial to your health.

Adding fruit juices to green tea makes the catechin content five times more, and when you add citrus juice to it, it becomes seven times more. And if you mix ascorbic acid with green tea, you will get a beverage, which is 13 times fuller of cathechin, than an average cup of tea.

In general green tea has much more healthy substances than black tea has: potassium, iodine, fluorine, copper, vitamins С, В1, В2, РР, К and organic acids, that improve the digestion. Moreover, green tea contains catechin and tannin, which are strong antioxidants. So, feel free to add different fruit juices to green tea.


  1. Someone said you get more ascorbic acid out of fresh squeezed lemons then you do lemon juice say in a can. I have been adding fresh lemons to my green tea and I have noticed the tea is more tolerable and goes down more smoothly. It does not leave my mouth feeling rough compared to when I drink green tea without lemon juice.

  2. green tea with honey & lemon goes down extremely well! I’m just discovering that lemon significantly increases its antioxidant effects. good to know for good health and vitality!

  3. What an article. We love reading it and have pass along to some friends. We wish most of our friend and family will realize how important that we change our habit of using green supply bags instead of regular plastic bags. We hope to spread the word of banning plastic bags to all the cities around the US and even the world.

  4. Very good followup to the gastrointestinal studies conducted which found the acidity of ascorbic acid (vitamin c) protects catechins as tea is digested through the small intestine, meaning more catechins reach all other organs. Beware that bottled lemon juices contain sulfites which some are allergic to.

  5. I haven’t taken green tea with lemon, I definitely will try. Thank you so much for sharing the informative article.

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