Intimate Life: What Do Women Regret?


Women are more often sorry for their sexual intercourse than men are, as the specialists from the University of Texas have revealed. They also determined what compels a person to regret when it comes to sex. Life Wise gives us a detailed report.


The reason for regret

Women are more likely to regret episodic sexual intercourses, starting a relationship too quickly or having sex with a wrong man. Men regret only the missed opportunities of having sex.

What do women regret in sex?

The results of the study turned as follows among women:

  • 24% of women were sorry to have lost their virginity with the wrong person;
  • 23% felt sad because of cheating on their partner;
  • 20% regretted having sex too soon.


  • 27% regretted their shyness;
  • 23% felt sorry for being insufficiently open for experimentation in their younger years;
  • Approximately 19% were sorry about the same, but mentioned a time when they were completely alone.

It is curious that the most unpleasant experience for 17% of women and 10% of men was having sex with a physically unattractive partner.

Although men have sex as often as women do (56%), women get more anxious about this. Moreover, it does not depend on sexual orientation. Obviously, it is based on the evolutionary mechanisms: it is critical for men to have sex with many partners – to preserve human kind.