Intimacy & Health


The ancient Chinese were sure that you could win over any disease by means of sex. But is there any connection between the overall health of a woman and her sex life?

Couple Having Sex

Why Do Women Need Sex?

As it turns out, there is an undeniable connection. Firstly, all muscles need training. Otherwise, they lose their sensitivity, functionality and flexibility. If you break a leg, and it is in a cast for a month, then you won’t be able to move successfully at once. The same is with vaginal and pelvic muscles. Their tone is also reduced without training, and it can affect their support role, which can cause pelvic organs prolapse and other troubles.

Sex without Orgasm?

But what if you have the arousal but no release? Various studies show that this is not a rare situation: quite a lot of women have never experienced an orgasm. But even though it’s more useful to have regular sex than to be sexually inactive at all. Even without orgasm, sexual organs receive adequate “load” – muscular and hormonal. This allows to improve their blood supply and innervation.

Sexual Continence Unhealthy

Sometimes the situation is just the opposite. Achieving orgasm is not a problem, but there’s no partner. What can you do? Sexologists recommend “letting off steam” by yourself – it is the easiest and the most harmless way to release tension, and not just the sexual one. Prolonged continence can lead to serious hormonal imbalance. Reproductive organs produce the hormones needed by the whole body. Absence of sexual arousal and regular sex life affect the endocrine glands and can lead to a reduction in insulin levels. Regular sex, on the contrary, increases the production of this hormone. Therefore, some endocrinologists do not recommend neglecting this affordable and enjoyable way of diabetes type 2 prevention.

Health Benefits of Sex

Scientists from Wilkes University found out that sex improves immunity. The more often partners have sex, the greater amount of immunoglobulin A is produced.
Interesting thing: sex without a condom is not only pleasant, but also useful in every respect. Sperm, getting on the vaginal mucosa, stimulates muscle contraction, which also affects muscle tone. In addition, it is believed to have a beneficial effect on the hormonal balance. The U.S. scientists have found out that women whose partners do not use condoms are less susceptible to bad mood and apathy. The researchers attribute this to the influence of prostaglandins contained in sperm. They stimulate the production of female hormones and prevent women from depression.

Oral Sex Helps Get Pregnant

Oral sex, oddly enough, is useful for those who want to get pregnant. The fact is that sometimes after fertilization, the woman’s body perceives partner proteins hostilely, and the embryo is rejected. And with regular oral sex, the body gets used to the protein and no longer regards the embryo as a foreign body. Therefore, some gynecologists recommend that women who want to get pregnant should first practice oral sex for three weeks.

Low Libido

The nature of a woman’s libido is more psychological than physiological. Of course, a woman may be aroused due to hormonal fluctuations (such as during menstruation), but the main force is emotions. If they are negative, there can be no desire. What are the risks?

Congestion processes may develop in the pelvis, resulting in inflammatory diseases with time. Therefore, if the desire is gone, it is necessary to discuss this with a gynecologist or a sexologist. In almost 100% of cases, desire is retrieved.