How to Develop Beautiful White Teeth and a Healthy Smile


The Oral Health Foundation comes with some alarming facts about out dental hygiene and habits. It’s shocking enough to realize that one out of every ten adults in the USA admits to forgetting to brush regularly! If this hasn’t alarmed you, there is one person in every three who has never flossed his/her teeth, like ever! The Oral Health Foundation suggests that if you are brushing your teeth just once every day, there is a 33% chance that you encounter a tooth decay problem at some point in your life. However, the goal should be about getting healthy teeth for a lifetime! It doesn’t take too much to develop a healthy and infectious smile apart from a few lifestyle changes.

A healthy diet

If you are a connoisseur of red wine or love your cigarettes, it is quite likely that you will develop ugly looking teeth and also bad breath. Foods like red wine, black tea, dark juices, sticky sauces, colas, spicy meat, BBQ sauce, etc give you black teeth. The thumb rule is anything that is dark will go about staining your teeth. While we don’t ask you to give up the good tastes, brushing immediately after you have had your pleasure, helps you smile better.

Eat an apple, if you are not planning on brushing immediately!

Replace your toothbrush every often

Don’t continue using your toothbrush over a long period of time, otherwise, you are just infecting the brush from the dirt in your mouth and transferring them back. There is also a recommended way to brushing your teeth when you do. Just putting on the toothbrush with the toothpaste inside your mouth and rinsing off the foam won’t do any good. Visit your dentist for the best advice.

Cleaning your tongue

Your tongue is a great platform for bacteria to grow up and flourish. It is highly necessary that you regularly use the tongue scraper to remove the plaque and freshen your breath. Keeping the bacteria off the tongue also helps in keeping your teeth safe and shiny.
Go to a dentist regularly

A standard twice a year visit is highly recommended. If you are living in Calgary, Canada, you are probably high on burgers and colas. Well, that also makes the job of the dentists even more important. The lifestyle that we live today; demands that we pay extra attention to our oral hygiene and overall health.

It’s not about snow white teeth

It is necessary to understand that when we are talking about while teeth, we aren’t necessary advising you to go for a whitening/scaling procedure every often. The human tooth is naturally tinted to a light yellow coloration. Pure white is just a concept and shouldn’t be your end goal. The idea is to stay healthy, keep your mouth clean and don’t let bacteria build up. Anything alien and you will easily come to know about its presence – bad breath, tartar and tooth pain.

Just follow the basic health guidelines including brushing your teeth daily, avoiding sticky foods, brushing after having sweets, flossing, and similar things. 15 minutes of attention every day and you will smile well all your life!