How to Become an Early Riser


Are you mad with your early-rising colleagues who, as you are darting into the office being half an hour late, immediately go patronizingly like “the early bird catches the worm”? It gets increasingly difficult to get up in the morning as the cold season has come. But don’t be desperate! By following simple tips, you will convert yourself into an early riser within just two weeks.

Alarm Clock

Turning Back Biological Clock

Your magic metamorphosis from a late riser to early riser is going to be your personal ordeal, but once you have become determined to turn back your biological clock, you will have to stand tall. You can help your early morning stress by doing the following simple things before bedtime.

  • Pick up clothes from your closet that you are going to wear at work and hang them separately (iron them, if necessary).
  • Now go to your kitchen and make breakfast (make your hamburgers, slice your cheese). Make sure you put water in a kettle for your morning tea.
  • Open your diary and check your to-do list. If there is no such list, plan your day in advance so you don’t torture your sleepy brain with the question like “Now what?”.

Finding Motivation to Get up Early

To roll out early in the morning, you will need to be motivated. In other words, you will need to understand the reason you have to get up while you can still be sprawling in bed for another 15 minutes. If your supervisor’s reprimands fail at turning you into an early riser, you will have to do it yourself. Fill your early morning with some important business such as dropping in your bank, seeing your grandmother at hospital, attending your yoga classes or getting ready for the meeting with your business partners.

Your motivation should be strong otherwise you will keep hitting that snooze button.

Reward Yourself for Getting up Early

Early morning rewards can also be a great motivation tool. Enjoy fresh brewed coffee and croissants in the morning. At lunch, find time for leisurely reading fresh newspapers. Think about going to the gym or reading a book in the evening. Now that you are evolving into an early riser you start having more time to spend on doing what you like.

Going to Bed Earlier

Some late-risers think that early risers can get up that early because they need less time to get enough sleep. If you want to change your sleep habits, you should start thinking like an early riser. The secret of those who get up early is very simple – they just go to bed early.

How many hours do you need to get enough sleep? 7-9 hours? Now calculate when you should go to bed so you can wake up in time.

Falling in Love with Morning

As you follow our simple tips you begin getting up early and soon you realize why your colleagues used to say, “the early bird catches the worm”, because you will discover a whole new world that you have never seen before. Looking out of window, you watch the sun rising and your city waking up. And then, wrapping up in your warm pajamas, you take time enjoying your morning coffee, or even have enough time to drop in your coffee house. In addition, early risers breathe in fresh air on their way to work and drive without being stressed out in traffic jams.

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