How to Remove a Ring from Your Finger?


Many of us have faced the problem of a ring stuck on the finger. Some use soap, while some even need medical assistance. Before calling a doctor, try this method.


An engagement ring that you have been wearing for many years, your girlfriend’s jewelry that you have decided to try on, a cute ring from a jewelry store that you are going to buy – all this may get stuck on your finger. Whatever option you have come across, it is always a pretty awkward moment. First, you take it with a smile, but if the ring would never want to leave your finger, and even soap does not help, then your mood can worsen a lot. In this case you are going to face the hardest option – cutting the ring somewhere in the hospital.

However, do not hurry to destroy the jewelry. Look at the option offered by an expert from the Centre for Evidence Based Emergency Care in Manchester, Professor Simon Carley, who has many years of experience in emergency medicine.

Professor Carley uses an elastic cord from a surgical facemask to press the finger tissue around the joints, and ordinary tweezers. The technology is simple, so you can safely do it at home.