How Heavy Are People in Different Countries?


287 million tons is the weight of the entire adult population of the Earth. These data was given by the British researchers at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who conducted such a study for the first time. In addition, they managed to determine who weighs most of all.

Fat Dude

The researchers have compiled a table of weight of the population around the world. The leaders in this list are the Americans: while the average weight of an adult human in other countries is 62 kg, a resident of the United States weighs 80.7 kg on average.

This figure has forced the researchers to claim that if the representatives of all countries weighed as much as the Americans, nearly a third more than average, then the resulting figure would be comparable to the increase in world population by 1 billion people with an average weight. Among the ‘heavy ones’ is also the population of Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, and Croatia.

Experts explain this situation by the prevalence of road transport. People move less and gain more weight. This trend is typical for the entire population of Earth: humankind gets fat.

People in Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Eritrea have been recognized as ‘the thin ones’. The researchers do not associate weight of the population with poverty rates, citing the example of Japan – the country is not poor, it has good life quality, but its population is not overweight.

The population of the region does not affect weight data much. Thus, for example, the weight of Asia’s population is 13% of the total weight of the world’s population, while Asia is home to 61% of the total population.