How Eating Fat Food Affects the Mental Health


A joint study of Spanish psychiatrists and nutritionists which is written about in the news review of the Science journal showed that fat food is harmful not only to physical but to mental health as well.

Fat food

The scientists had been studying the group of 1200 people for six years before they concluded that fat food increases the risk of depressive disorders. At the beginning of the experiment, the volunteers’ mental adequacy was tested. Having found no abnormalities among the volunteers, the scientists began to give them products with the so-called trans-fats.

Trans-fats are found primarily in fast food, as well as in other poorly digestible products. For six years, the participants of the experiment had been “saturated” with trans-fats, and the authors of the study observed their psychological state taking into account their gender, age, weight, and bad habits.

At the end of the experiment, it turned out that 650 volunteers had repeatedly had bouts of clinical depression during the six years. According to the scientists’ data, this group consumed harmful fats in huge quantities. Nowadays, psychiatrists and nutritionists argue that junk food lovers face the risk of having depressive disorders, and it is 42 percent higher than among other people, as the Science journal informs.

So do not be lazy to cook healthy food by yourselves. Thus, you may spend the time cooking, but you will save even more time avoiding the treatment of various disorders.

Source of the image: Photl.