Honey Instead of Antibiotics


HoneyHoney is well known for its various healthy properties. But scientists could not even imagine that this common folk remedy is in fact that effective. Canadian researchers discovered that honey can destroy the bacterium which brings about chronic runny nose. The effectiveness of this remedy in some cases even surpassed the one of antibiotics.

The Effect of Honey on Bacteria

Canadian scientists from Ottawa University studied effect of honey on 11 strains of organisms, including such dangerous disease agents as golden staphylococcus and blue suppurative bacillus. The last two disease agents often develop resistance to antibiotics, so that they no longer get affected by them.

Honey Better than Antibiotics?

As it turned out, honey managed to kill bacteria in solution as well as on the surface of water. The effectiveness was furthermore compared with the effectiveness of antibiotics.

The antibiotic-resistant bacteria also died under the treatment with honey.

Honey Effect on Runny Nose

The scientists stated that this study confirmed that honey can cure chronic runny nose. It is well known that runny nose can be brought about by viruses as well as bacteria. Viral runny nose usually does not require treatment with antibiotics and will go away on its own.

When Honey Is Essential

Bacterial one, on the other hand, needs to be treated with antibiotics; but if the bacteria is resistant to antibiotics the illness progress and take a chronic form. When the disease is chronic honey can be used as an effective replacement of antibiotics and can help you cure it.


  1. I have alergic reaction to all antibiotics , I am trying to find a alternative to take I have a uti my dr put me on two differant antibiotics and

    I hve broken out and feel like I have something ahold of my neck, I dont know what to do but try a natural why.

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