HIV Testing – an Important Factor of Sexual Happiness


There’s a dark side to any joy under the sun, and while there are some who spend their lives trying to walk warily in an attempt to avoid all the dangers, there are also those who believe that instead of being overcautious it’s better to be philosophical about potential hazards which may never come your way. But being philosophical does in no way exclude being prudent and knowledgeable. Those who mean to keep up an active sexual life and enjoy bodily delights for years to come would do well not to neglect to undergo periodical HIV testing.

Testing for HIV
An insidious beast, to be nailed in good time HIV really needs these testings. As you know, many infected people learned that they had been infected only from tests – there had been nothing in their health condition to warn them that something was going wrong. From a week to four weeks can pass after infection for any symptoms to manifest themselves, and they may subside after a while leaving us in blissful assurance that it was a slight ailment that had gone away. Then again, even if people evince symptoms, many of them – such as sore throat, headaches, fever, bad appetite – can lead us (and sometimes even medicos) astray into believing that we have nothing worse than the flu. HIV testing is the only way to clear up the mist. These days it takes ridiculously little time – professionals from the UK’s GUM clinic, for example, promise highly reliable results of HIV INSTI tests within a minute.

An anonymous, confidential procedure, HIV testing is the best bet to ensure that you are perfectly clean or that you have the infection diagnosed before it has developed into an advanced stage like AIDS. Of course taking HIV testing is something of a feat, for it can cause strong emotional responses and throw a shadow on your subsequent life, but on the other hand, the sooner doctors can get busy helping you, the better. (That’s why some clinics, like the GUM clinic, work at weekends as well.) Efficient therapies worked out during the 30 years of struggle with AIDS and doctors experienced in dealing with emotional and medical issues of the infection are there to set things right – or give you a clean bill of health!

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