Health Testing: What Is DNA Analysis and What Can It Show You?


Once upon a time, no one knew they were sick until they had symptoms. Those days are behind us.

Now, DNA analysis allows individuals to learn about their bodies, the risks they should avoid and the possibilities their future may hold. We no longer need to look into a crystal ball to have an idea of what the future may bring us.

But what is DNA analysis and how does it work? Let’s find out.

What Is DNA Analysis?

DNA is often referred to as the building blocks of living organisms. Although 99.9 percent of a human’s DNA is the same as every other individual’s, less than .01 percent is unique to each specific person, impacting everything from his or her appearance to his or her behavior.

So what makes each individual unique? It’s the order of the DNA structure itself.

DNA is made up of four bases. The order of these bases and how they pair provides instructions that make all living things.

DNA analysis taps into these instructions to determine more about a person’s genetic makeup.

What Does It Show?

In analyzing the very instructions that make you who you are, researchers are able to understand your biological state. For this reason, DNA screening and analysis can provide insights that were never before attainable.

Health Risks

Genetic testing reveals health risks to encourage prevention measures. Individuals discover their chances of obtaining certain diseases based on their own genetic code.

And if you think a DNA health test is expensive, think again. Many companies offer these tests for anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars.

Genetic Disorders

Those tested also determine if they have genetic disorders passed down from their parents. Additionally, individuals learn if they will pass disorders to their children.

For those with family-specific conditions, these simple tests are life savers.

Ancestry and Ethnicity

Are you curious about your ancestors? Genetic testing reveals information about this, telling you more about your family tree and where your ancestors originated.

After all, we never truly know where we’re going until we understand where we came from.

Finding Partners

Believe it or not, genetic testing also helps people find their one true love. According to researchers, when we meet individuals, we naturally pick up on their genetics to determine if they are a right fit.

Now, services like ScientificMatch are pairing clients up according to their DNA, and demand is growing.

How Does It Work?

The entire process of DNA analysis is quite simple for the individual. All you have to do is provide a sample of DNA and the professionals do the rest.

Most often, samples of saliva work sufficiently, but sometimes blood samples are needed.

At the lab, scientists isolate your DNA and create millions of copies, making the code easier to interpret. Researchers then find your DNA fingerprint by separating the DNA into chunks and searching for codes at particular points.

And, in case you were wondering, the results are spot-on. The chances that your DNA profile is similar to someones who isn’t related is less than one in one billion.

Find Your Inner Genius

What is DNA analysis if not a huge leap in science and a way to divine the future beyond the constraints of a crystal ball? This cool new technology is paving the way for thousands of individuals.

Many are even using DNA testing to lose weight.

Want to shed a few pounds in a way that’s perfect for your body? Find out more at our blog and let the science lead you to a healthier tomorrow.