Having Sex In Hot Weather Can Be Bad For Your Heart


Doctors recommend us to avoid having sex when it’s scorching outdoors and thermometer is about to explode.

Hot weather

We all know that extremely hot weather is dangerous for little kids, pregnant women and people with heart conditions. Sex can also trigger sharp blood pressure fluctuations. The message is particularly aimed at people who suffer from angina and hypertension or had heart attack or stroke.

As far as other people are concerned, doctors do not encourage them to avoid having sex but they should be aware of some precautions. Men who are older than 40 are recommended to have sex in the evening or even at night as outside temperature slightly drops.

Be aware that if men take some erection boosting medication, like Viagra, for more confidence, their blood starts circulating faster. This can make your hear “explode”.

By the way, men are more vulnerable sexually in hot weather. When it’s above 95 F outside, they have difficulties finishing the sexual intercourse.

Source of the image: Photl.com.