Hair Loss Remedy to Prevent Alcoholism


Male hair loss remedy can result in loss of interest to alcohol, according to the scientists from The George Washington University (USA).


Some men who regularly take remedies containing finasteride observe a decreased alcohol craving. This popular remedy for prostatic hyperplasia, which also proved to be very effective against male baldness, significantly reduces the need for alcoholic beverages consumption.

However, the lack of interest in alcohol is only one of the significant side effects of finasteride. Two-thirds of men who regularly take the medicine experience a loss of libido. Moreover, the side effects remain even when men stop taking finasteride – we are speaking of persistent sexual dysfunction.

This is only one of the existing remedies for male baldness, the effectiveness of which has been proved scientifically. In clinical studies, which involved 535 men, 99% had visible results in two years – hair loss stopped or a regrowth was observed. The drug blocks testosterone production to dihydrotestosterone – a hormone that plays an active role in hair loss.