Garlic Helps Treat Food Poisoning


The Researchers from the University of Washington (the USA) found out that garlic contains compounds 100 times more effective than the antibiotics prescribed in case of food poisoning.


The Campylobacter bacterium causing severe food poisoning is most often ingested with poultry. The Telegraph reports that in recent years cases of chicken liver pate poisoning have become especially frequent. The compounds found in garlic by an American scientist are known as diallyl sulfides. They are able to penetrate through the film protecting the colonies of Campylobacter and destroy them. The lab survey showed that diallyl sulfides’ effectiveness is 100 times greater than that of erythromycin and ciprofloxacin (antibiotics).

Barbara Rasco, a professor from the university where the study was conducted said that diallyl sulfides can be used for disinfection of cooking surfaces and as a preservative for packaged foods – potatoes, meat salad, and others. Of course, garlic is not a panacea, and the researchers note that you should not expect it to give a one hundred percent result in each case of acute poisoning. However, this useful product has two indisputable advantages: availability and speed. If you add it into all poultry dishes, you may not need antibiotics.