What Fruit and Vegetables Are Really Healthy?


According to dieticians at the British Nutrition Foundation, we need to replace carrots and oranges with papaya and sweat potato. Experts say that while following “5 fruits and vegetables a day rule” does improve health condition, eating healthier fruit and vegetables instead of those you like will prove even more benign.


So dieticians recommend replacing a regular glass of orange juice in the morning with papaya as it provides more carotenoids. Sweat potato is twice as rich in carotenoids as carrots. Cabbage, blackberry and raspberry also made the list of the healthiest fruits and vegetables. These are rich in phytonutrients, components that improve heart function, bones and eyesight as well as help prevent the development of diabetes and cancer.

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/pinkfloyd.


  1. During the summer months I drink the fresh juice from my juicer, but during the winter months I only drink the concentrate since most of the so-caled fruit juices in the stores are loaded with sugar and are not 100% juice. I also only drink the pure concentrate, like the tart cherry concentrate, wild blueberry concentrate. I really like the pure fruits and I only drink mine from the glass plastic bottles. I can’t stand the taste of plastic and with the fruit juice concentrates in the plastic bottles you can really taste the oil from the plastic. I get mine from Traverse Bay Farms. Give them a try.

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