Fruit Is Fattening


Scientists at Imperial College London claim that you risk packing on extra pounds and damaging your teeth by eating too much fruit. Fruit is widely recognized as healthy food so we are trying to eat more of it, dropping apples in children’s lunch boxes, eating fruit salads or bananas for lunch. But it has emerged that too much fruit can push some people to obesity.


These people essentially include those who are already obese, diabetic or with high blood cholesterol levels. Most fruits are rich in fructose and calories. The problem with fructose is that it doesn’t make you feel full so fruit eaters tend to get more calories than they need. Furthermore, fruit increases the blood glucose levels, which is dangerous for diabetics. It also elevates the triglycerides levels, which imposes a certain risk for heart and blood vessels. Scientists do not encourage healthy people to stay away from fruit. But those in the risk group for diabetes, obesity and heart diseases will be better off changing the “five fruit a day” formula to “one fruit and four vegetables a day”.

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