Foods You Should Never Pair


Can you drink milk and eat herring? Our today’s article is about this and other pairs of products that should not be eaten together.


It is better not to combine the following foods:

1. Burgers and olive oil

Having watched advertisements, many housewives rushed to substitute sunflower oil for olive oil because the latter supposedly does not contain cholesterol and even helps to reduce its level. Let’s start with the fact that no vegetable oil can contain cholesterol as such. As for the beneficial properties of olive oil, they “disappear” as soon as the miraculous oil gets into the pan.

So do not waste your money for nothing and just add olive oil in salads. Besides, it is better to cook burgers on steam or bake them in the oven: while frying in oil, carcinogens are formed.

2. Alcohol and Coke

Even the ladies who think about their figure sometimes allow themselves to drink a little alcohol. At the same time, they do not forget to count calories and dilute the spirits with diet Coke, soda, etc.

From the perspective of weight loss, it may be true, but “sugar-free” soda is very quickly absorbed in the intestine and promotes quick absorption of alcohol. As a result, the amount of alcohol in your blood is significantly higher than if you drink a sweet cocktail, i.e. you will be more intoxicated, and the hangover will certainly be tougher.

3. Peanuts and beer

This bean (peanuts refer specifically to legumes and not to nuts) combines a large amount of vitamins B, E, PP, and D, and minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus and iron. However, alcohol destroys most of these nutrients, so if you are used to consuming peanuts just as beer snacks – get rid of this habit.

4. Kiwi with milk and yoghurt

It may seem that this tropical fruit would be a great addition to muesli, porridge, milkshakes or yogurt. Kiwi slices are often used to decorate cakes, so why not putting them on top of the butter cream?

The answer is simple: because the very nature made ​​these culinary combinations impossible. The fact is that kiwi contains a special enzyme which decomposes and makes the milk protein very bitter… It brings no harm, but the dish is hopelessly flawed, of course.