Foods to Avoid Eating in the Morning


Dietitians have compiled the “black list” of the products that should not be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach.


Bananas & Yoghurt May Lead to Cardiovascular Diseases

Bananas contain much magnesium, and the habit of eating bananas in the morning can cause a violation of the balance of calcium and magnesium, which leads to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. When in an empty stomach, yogurt partially loses its useful properties, so it is better to eat it two hours after the meal or at bedtime.

Vitamin C

Oranges May Cause Gastritis

Oranges can trigger the development of gastritis and allergic reactions when eaten on an empty stomach.

Organic Foods

Persimmons & Tomatoes

In fact, both foods contain a high concentration of pectin and tannic acid (which contribute to the formation of gastric stones).


More Foods to Avoid Eating on an Empty Stomach

Garlic, canned foods, meats (gastric spasm is the problem they may lead to), cucumbers, peppers and cabbage (which can cause the irritation of the stomach), and sweet potatoes (lead to a “heavy stomach” sensation).

Coca Cola

Sweet Drinks

One should also give up sugary drinks. The pancreas is unable to allocate the needed amount of insulin, which leads to a sharp rise in blood sugar levels and disturbance of acid-base balance.