Food Packages are Dangerous to Health?


Researchers from the University of Toronto have discovered that food packages are the main source of a number of harmful chemical compounds such as toxic endocrine destructors and perfluorocarbon carboxylic acids.

Food packages

Paper packets for sandwiches and french fries, foil for chips and other kinds of food packages contain a lot of chemicals that can cause health problems. Moreover, harmful substances are contained in many cloths such as bedding materials and carpets. Harmful chemicals were found in toys, utensils, powders and cosmetics. Toxic substances contaminate human blood and interfere with the work of his endocrine system, causing hormonal disruptions.

During the experiments, the researchers observed rodents that were exposed to substances present in food packages. The results showed that these compounds accumulate in the body and are not eliminated from it. The researchers caution: these chemicals can lead to problems such as deterioration of the immune system, increasing cholesterol levels, as well as causing failures in the thyroid gland. Unfortunately, it is yet unknown how to guard against this.

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